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Video From The July 2004 Show
This is from the era of gentlemen's clubs traveling 200 or more miles from places like Des Moines, Iowa (The Lumberyard) and St Robert, Missouri (Big Louie's) delivering tour busses full of girls to NAP. They usually had a dozen or more beautiful girls on board and they were a great addition to the contest. July 2004 was certainly better for it. The video contains coverage of go-go dancing with girls like #22 a very young Jaded Dawn and #29 Summer from Big Louies. The carnival girl feature show is Natasha Stone before she went to Southern California and became a porn star. The photo section is mostly the winners however, dead center top of the first page is red headed Porn Star Ruby #22 who became famous shooting with Seymore Butts and Shane. Adara Michales served as guest hostess and helped with the trophy presentations. Paradise #7 from the Lumber Yard won Miss Nude Galaxy. Regan Anthony #2(soon to become a porn star) won Entertainer of the year and a girl that I can't remember the name of was the winner of Miss Nude North America.

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4k Video And High Res Photos Shot At Sunday 2015 Nudes A Poppin Last Month By Cojones Part 2 Of 6
Another hot and great day at the 2015 Nudes a Poppin festival... Here's part 2 of what we shot at the Sunday part of the show... For those of you who don't know, Sunday is the main day of the event. So, if you're only able to attend for one day, Sunday is your day!

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Photos Shot By The Nebraska Coeds Crew During August 2004 Nap Show
Photos Shot By The Nebraska Coeds Crew During August 2004 Nap Show If you want to know what it is like as a spectator attending NAP; this update will show you everything that goes on inside and outside of the fence at each and every show. The intrepid crew from NE Coeds covered the event from a spectator's POV. What you will see is lots of naked or half naked girls and guys both inside and outside the fence. The porn star participant in August 2004 was Sunset Thomas and there are a few shots of her looking out of her trailer. Sunset was a Penthouse Pet and she is known as the girl with no navel. Penthouse retouched her stomach for the centerfold and they removed her navel. Oops! We forgot to put it back. Don't believe me find the March 1996 issue and check it out. The boys from NE Coeds also brought a couple of girls of their own to the two day party and the "back at the hotel: shots are pretty revealing.

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Photos From The July 2001 Festival
The most famous celebrity to attend NAP was Gene Simmons. And some say he left his mark all over the place. Look at the t first photo on page 10. And that wasn't the only Butt or Breast that got the Gene Simmons autograph. There was no doubt that Gene enjoyed his stay at NAP. He helped pass out the trophies to the girls. There wasn't a contestant there that would not wanted to get something hard and stiff from him. Check out other updates of the July 2001 for more shots of the trophy presentations. Also included in the update are shots from the wet T-shirt contest in the pit. Most of these girls are just spectators at NAP and they were probably prodded into competition by their boyfriends. It is amazing how just a few girls running naked can encourage more to join in the fun.

Amateur Wet Tshirt Contest From July 2004
This is what happens on Saturday afternoon at NAP. Adjacent to the pool area is an amphitheater that most people refer to as "The Pit". This is where the NAP wet T-Shirt competition takes place. It is coliseum style seating and if you don't mind sitting on old railroad ties and sand; the view is pretty good. It is an intimate setting and the furthest away you could be from the action is probably 20 feet. The contest is open to any female willing to put on a T-Shirt; get wet; dance around and get as naked as they want . In this era the contestant makeup was probably 30% NAP contestants and 70% housewives and girl friends on parade. It doesn't really matter as the crowd cheers for all the girls and, the winners are chosen by the crowd by their cheering. It is a fun time and the level of nudity was always more that you would find at a typical Wet T contest. Here are 400 photos and 36 minutes of video to give you a good idea of what goes on. Enjoy!

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4k Video And High Res Photos Shot At Sunday 2015 Nudes A Poppin Last Month By Cojones Part 1 Of 6
Here's the first official update from our Nebraskacoeds Team that was filming on Sunday! They shot using their awesome professional 4k equipment... the quality really comes through! This is the first of 6 parts that I broke down all of the Sunday footage into.

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Random Video From The August 2003 Show
The guest stars for the August 2003 show were Humpty Hump and Sunset Thomas. Humpty was a lot of fun and I know he enjoyed the show. He participated throughout the entire afternoon. The owner of the Bunny Ranch; Dennis Hof , was there too. He was dating Sunset Thomas at the time. The video covers the introduction of Humpty Hump and then the "Opening Number" that takes place Noonish! There is always a theme to the opening number and about two dozen hand selected contestants are provided a simple costume and a were told her is what you do. This year the wardrobe consisted of a bath towel; a bucket of sudsy water; and a sponge. Where else but NAP can you find naked girls dancing to the Rubber Ducky song from Sesame Street. Think about that for a minute. The photo update has shots of the contest shot from both the inside the fence and from a spectators perspective around the fence and throughout the park. There are even a few shots of the Wet T contest. It is update dyslexia at its best. The Lumber Yard scored big at NAP. They won the trophy for the club with the most contestants at NAP. One of their dancers, Seneca #26 won Miss Nude North America. In November of 2003 I flew her to Costa Rica for a week long photo shoot on the beaches and beautiful scenery of the country. Seneca's layouts were featured in several magazines. Opportunities like that are some of the perks that the girls can benefit from competing in and by winning big at NAP.

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Random Nice Video From The 2004 Show
This is a quickie. Two contestants posing in one of the fountains and then some random shots of what can and does happen outside the fence at NAP. The one interesting event is the spectator shooting photos of the contestant on his Harley. This was probably shot on Saturday. Bring your Harley to NAP and get a naked girl to pose on it. For FREE! That is a great idea.

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July 2002 Nudes A Poppin Photos Shot By Assdragon
Wandering around outside the fence at NAP. I can't tell you much. The first two photos in the update are Brittany Love. She was the hottest feature dancer to grace the stages at gentlemen's clubs all over America. The second photo is Logan Moss sitting on Assdragon's lap. She competed at NAP for many years and eventually became a member of the Ponderosa Sun Club.

Clear 4k Video And High Res Photos Shot At Saturday 2015 Nudes A Poppin Last Month By Cojones Part 5
Here's the final update of photos and video that we shot at this years nudes a poppin event. Well actually just the last photos and video that we shot on Saturday... Next update that I post from this years event will be from the best day, Sunday! This video is still pretty good though! Some of the girls are still hanging around the pool posing totally nude and spread eagled for anyone with a camera... and then we had a small amateur contest, that was just whipped cream pie eating contest.... good times... enjoy this high quality update!

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The Amateur Contest At The August 2004 Show
I love home movies. Some nice person sitting three rows up in the arena sent in his best effort at recording wet female flesh. In the mid 2000's Saturday at NAP was a big time event. It wasn't uncommon to have 1,000 guests in the park. The amateur wet T-shirt contest on Saturday afternoon had more wives and girlfriends competing than the preregistered dancer contestants that would be center stage on Sunday. Real girls; getting real soaking wet in front of an audience with real appreciation for these brave souls. Most first time participants are a little nervous about showing skin to a large group of strangers. But as you will see on the video; the crowd cheered them on and what started out as wet boobies covered with a thin T-shirt became a full nude dance contest. The girls found it was hard for them to keep their clothes on when 300 people were cheering them on to take them off.

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Photos From The 2014 Nudes A Poppin Show Shot By Ernie
Ernie had his track shoes on for the Sunday Show. There isn't anything or anybody that he missed getting a few or a lot of photographs of. The guest host, as always, was Ron Jeremy; but the big news was the guest hostess. None other than contract porn star Stormy Daniels. For years she wanted to come back. At the very beginning of her feature dancer career she came to NAP to compete and my recollection is that she did very well. She certainly became a great feature and then became a porn star. It was obvious that the audience loved her too. The line in front of her personal trailer was endless all day. 2014 was a great year for feature shows. Here is a short list of the features that performed. Naomi Knight, Isis Haze, The Puerto Rican Princess, Ruby, Simone Dana Lustrous, Kimberly Johnson, Jaded Dawn, Viva la Muerte, Justice, Malibu Barbie, Fawn Marie and a few more I can't remember had all done some spectacular shows. If you went to clubs to see 15 shows it would cost you a fortune in door fees, drinks and tips to see this many performances. That's why I have always said that Nudes-a-Poppin' is the best place to see the best features and feature shows. When all the smoke, confetti, oil, whipped cream, was cleaned off the main stage it was time to pass out the awards. Lots of girls go home with awards but the big three and the big checks went to.... Simone Dana Lustrous took home the trophy for Nude Entertainer of the Year, Naomi Knight took home yet another trophy as Miss Nude North America and Callie Jane took home the 7 foot trophy as Miss Nude Galaxy.

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