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Super High Res Photos From Amateur Contest During The 2015 Nudesapoppin Show
Naughty Neighbors Magazine sponsored a contest for the Naughtiest Neighbor girl competing at NAP. Three contestants were selected from the group. They were selected based upon being real girls. No breast augmentation was a must to be considered. These were the little cuties that you always wondered what they looked like naked when you saw them in public. The semi finalists were introduced and took part in a sexy banana eating exhibition. The judges picked the winner based upon appearance and attitude. The winner would also get a paid magazine shoot. The photos from Angels magazine shoot are part of the update. The winner was Angel who was not a dancer at all. She was a local Indiana girl who showed up to participate in Nudes-a-Poppn'. I guess she liked competing because she continued to come back and compete for a least a dozen more years. She went from just a cute girl to a competitor putting on shows for the crowd. She won a number of trophies over the years as well. Angle was 18 years old when she won the competition. I always thought that she was the ultimate nerd who probably got straight A's in high school and dressed down to cover the amazing body she had. She had the most perfect torpedo tits I have ever seen. She had a body very much like Tracy Lords. What you have here is the competition, the award of the trophy and the actual magazine layout that appeared in Naughty Neighbors magazine August 1997 was also the year that Al Lewis, Grandpa Muster was the celebrity guest and there are some photos of Angel with Al.

August 1991 Nudes A Poppin Rocking Hot Naked Bodies In The Sun
Many girls come to NAP for the thrill of dancing naked in front of an audience of several thousand adoring fans. Others show up hoping to win trophies and prize money. And, other girls competed at NAP to be discovered. By 1991 the magazine companies had discovered NAP and they wanted to have coverage of the event. I was also told to be a talent scout and "If there are girls worth shooting for us please get their numbers." August 1991 was full of great candidates. Contestant number 11, Morgan, was from Kentucky. She won an armload of trophies and before she left I had her booked to come back to Chicago to shoot a series of layouts for a half dozen magazines. Cindy Chimes #119 had competed in the July 1991 NAP contest. Her club owner had brought her all the way from El Paso, Texas. I knew my clients would love her and when I rushed photos to the magazines the response was a resounding YES. With guaranteed work for her I contacted the club owner and said bring her back in August. It proved worthwhile for Cindy because she won the beauty contest and then came to Chicago for two days of photo shoots. She was in every big boob magazine with covers and layouts. There are only a couple of shots of Maxine Monroe #30 in this update. She was competing for the first time and she also got recruited by me for magazine shoots. You will find more of her in other August 1991 updates. If the August 1991 contest was a fishing competition I certainly bagged my limit. Oh, and one more thing. In the winner shots check out the petite brunette with the black hat. She is Lisa Marie. She was a house dancer at Deja Vu. This was her second win against established feature dancers. She continued to come back to NAP and win & win & win. So much so, that they finally ask her not to compete in the feature category. Give the other girls a chance!

4k Video And High Res Photos Shot At Sunday 2015 Nap By Cojones And Madman Part 6 Of 6

Tags: back, Big Butts, Big Tits, Blondes
Festival Photos From The July 1991 Show
There have been and will be more updates of the July 1991 show. This group of photos was probably coverage I sent to the big boob magazines as I is almost exclusive coverage of big boobs at NAP, and there were a lot of them. I will post the contestant numbers and the names of the girls you can readily identify them. They are found throughout this update but I will send you to a page to see them. Speaking of boobs there was a contestant whose name was Alotta Boobs. She was contestant #92 and the first three rows of page 2 feature her. Also on page 1 is contestant #40, Alisha. You will find a lot of hot photos of her in another update of photos from private shoot on Saturday. Alisha did a high energy feature show and the photos start of Page 25. Alisha is the kind of girl that if you brought her home to meet your family; your Mom would hate her and your Dad would want to fuck her! Pages 4 - 7 are dedicated to #95 Cindy. She traveled all the way from El Paso, TX to compete. There are also private shoot photos of her in this update starting on page 20. Contestant # 39 is Honey Mellons. You can see lots of photos of this big titted blonder starting on page 23. And finally contestant #94 Lisa was a skinny big haired blonde with some serious titties. Shots of her start at the bottom of page 23 and continue on page 30. So for all you big tit lovers July 1991 delivered a bevy of bodacious tits. Enjoy!

4k Video And High Res Photos Shot At Sunday 2015 Nap By Cojones And Madman Part 5 Of 6

Video From The July 2004 Public Show
2004 was another monster show. When Naomi Knight wandered into registration just before the 11AM cut off she became contestant number 98. Lotsa girls means one thing. This show was going to be great! In checking out the video discovered several girls that competed that year and are still competing in 2015. They include #38 Logan; #97 J.C. Nicole #98 Naomi Knight who hasn't missed a show inat least 15 years! Another contestant that continues to compete every year is #43 Malibu Barbie. And, finally #55 retire porn star Ruby hasn't missed many show since 2004. Dancers always seem to come up with unusual names. Contestants 33 & 34 signed in together and #33 is Paine and #34 is Pleasure. I checked their registration and they were roommates, living in Columbus, Ohio. You can't make this stuff up. On the photo side, starting on page 2 there is a little two girl action between contestants #28 Harley Dawn and #29 Summer Tyme. They were from Big Louie's in St Robert, MO. For several years Big Louie's would bring a half dozen or more girls to NAP. On page 4 check out #85 Miranda doing an outdoor bidet on her private parts. 2004 was a great show. Look for more updates throughout the site.

More Video From July 2003 Nudes A Poppin
The video update is what you would see from beyond the fence. The Nebraska Coeds Crew wandered the grounds and the show. It is amazing what some of the visitors are willing to do when someone shows up with a video camera. The end of the tape is coverage of the wet T-Shirt contest. When the T-Shirt contest is on Sunday the competitors are real girls. The NAP contestants are all in the pool area and can't leave. There were a bunch of great feature dancers that performed in July. They like most of the features were represented by Continental Agency. Ken Shinkle took care of the dancers. Among them #40 Rachelle Ryan (pages 1-5). Huge breasted Lizzi MIlls (pages 7 &8), # 27 Barbie Bennett in the white cowboy hat. A couple of first timers competed. They were #11 Candy Cassidy and #25 Erica Steele. More features included # 55 Windy Leigh. You will find those girls and more in this update The Playboy Centerfold gone bad; Teri Weigle was the porn star hostess. Teri was always very outspoken and the crow always loved it. You will find photos of her sprinkled throughout the update. More Video From July 2003 Nudes A Poppin More Video From July 2003 Nudes A Poppin More Video From July 2003 Nudes A Poppin

4k Video And High Res Photos Shot At Sunday 2015 Nap By Cojones And Madman Part 4 Of 6

July 2004 Various Video From The Show
The video starts with #7 Paradise and #3 Sue from the Lumberyard in Des Moines, IA They were part of two tour bus loads of dancers that took part in the July contest. Paradise was one fun girl. She never quit smiling and having a good time. I booked her on the spot for lots of photo and video work. There were also girls from Big Louie's like #29 Summer Tyme. I met her at NAP and booked her for a lot of Magazine photo shoots. One of the prettiest contestants at the show was #85 Miranda. She had beautiful boobs with pencil eraser extended nipples. She also had some very interesting labia jewelry. Check out her photos starting on page 8 and 9. There is a lot of coverage of July 2004 so look for other updates.

July 2003 Video From Inside The Fence At Nap
Actually this update is video and stills from outside the fence. It does cover a lot of the goings on all over the park. There is something going on all the time. It would take 20 cameramen to come close to capturing everything. In the park there are lots of half naked people and they don't seem to mind having the photo taken. The show had 68 girls registered for the competition and almost all of them are included with this update. The video has clips of several feature shows including Khloe Loves famous "Little Red Riding Hood" meets the big bad wolf. The balance of the video is random coverage of girls on stage shot from outside the fence. The guest host for the show was comedian Gilbert Gottfried. He was a strange person and he seemed to need lots of rest in order to function.

4k Video And High Res Photos Shot At Sunday 2015 Nudes A Poppin Last Month By Cojones Part 3 Of 6

Photos Shot At The July 2005 Show Shot By Assdragon
This update is a combination of both Saturday and Sunday events at NAP. 2005 was a banner year for NAP. Almost 100 girls showed up to compete. Once again The Lumberyard brought a dozen or more girls from Des Moines, IA. Assdragon wandered the crowd outside the fence on Saturday and shot some of the non-contestant girls, who for whatever reason, decided to leave there clothes in the car1 You'll find most of those shots on pages 5 -11. One of the must have shots for the professional photographers covering the event is the group shot and you will find a few pix of the setup for that shot. Devon Michaels, had competed years earlier came back with Porn Star on her list of credits. If you are into naked girls wrestling head for Page26 for the finals of "I can whip your ugly ass". I'd love to know who the girl with the cowboy hat is on is. She was an audience member, but she should have been a contestant. She could have easily won a trophy. On page 20 you can find shots of Candy Manson #67 and perennial contest winner #36 Naomi Knight. Shortly after NAP 2005 Candy headed west and signed up for Porn 101. I ran into her a couple of times at the Adult Video Show. Occasionally a photographer will get a classic shot at NAP and Assdragon got one. Go to page 3; second row, the first two photos of the crowd. I am fearful for the ladder!

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