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Nudes A Poppin 2015 Photos And Video From Sunday Shot By Brian
This update was shot at the Sunday 2015 Nudes-A-Poppin show. It starts out with the award winning rising star performance of Ruby Ryder hatching out of a giant egg,and then goes threw the entire lineup of female competitors , and then Brian Young travels outside the inner circle back to the amateur mud pit for the annual wet-t-shirt contest, and this year's winner has perfect tits by the way. this video has a great variety of footage from the pro's and the amateur women attending the event. Nudes is held the 3rd full weekend in july each year in Roselawn Indiana at the Ponderosa Sun Club so bring your camera's and we hope to see you there next year.

Nudes A Poppin August 2002 Photos Shot By Brian
This is a little bit of Saturday and Sunday all rolled into one update. I spotted Leah Lane and Amber Alexander and Kloe Love in the group of contestants. Lots of photos of the girls and their companion vaginas spreading on the posing stands. Maybe you can do a pin the pussy on the poseur contest with the photos. Comedian Andy Dick was the guest celebrity and The Buttman; John Stagliano was at NAP shooting another episode of Butt Man At Nudes-a-Poppin'. If you like butts I suggest that you find old copies of the dozen or so videos that John shot at NAP. He never missed a butt!

Nudes A Poppin 2015 Photos And Video From Saturday Shot By Brian
Saturday at NAP has always been a low key event with the emphasis on letting the girls have a little nude fun in the sun. It was very hot (mid 90 degrees) and the leftovers of a torrential down pour the night before left the climate hot and muggy to the point it was possible break out in a sweat just standing there. As you will see in the photos most of the girls not taking part in the pole competition or the Miss Nude Rising Star preliminaries gravitated to lounging in the shallow end of the swimming pool. There were lots of good opportunities for our intrepid photographer to get some great candid's of the girls just chillin'.

Photos From The 2013 Show Shot By Zack
This much I know. Zack isn't a member of the press corps that routinely covers NAP for publishers and media outlets. It is clear he has never been inside the fence. Everything in this update was shot by someone who roamed the event as a spectator. With the no cost of digital photography pushing the button rapidly yields a plethora of images. Some good and some not so good. But you can determine what you find appealing. With over 6,400 images to peruse you will be viewing his update for a long time. The first part of this update (80 pages worth) is everything the contestants don't want you to see. Sign up time on Saturday morning starts at 8 AM and goes till noon. The girls arrive at the building with no makeup on and hair that is still wet from the morning shower. Wardrobe can be anything from what they slept in, to robes, bikini's, shorts and topless. The balance of the update is everything else that goes on at NAP. Saturday contests, the Fan Fair, the wet T-Shirt and orgasm contests at the "Pit". The Sunday shows and the girls posing around the compound. Zack must have burned out because I could find any shots of the winners. Nevertheless this is everything you ever wanted to see at NAP.

Photos From The Entire 2007 Nap Show Shot By Glenn
I think Glenn probably missed two photo opportunities at NAP 2007, but I can't tell you which two. From the group shot on Saturday noon to the last trophy awarded; Glen has you covered. The pre show events on Saturday were great. After the usual group shots all the girls headed for the "Pit" Where Ed and Adara had planned a full slate of sexy, naked and wet events for the girls. A wet T-shirt contest started it all. Then a full nude booty shakin' contest that ended with most of the girls in the "doggy" position shakin' their backsides at the audience. Buried in all the event photos are the NAP 2007 celebrities including Vern Troyer, you know him better as Minnie Me, former feature dancer contestant turned porn star Devon Michaels, and Mary Carie; who if memory serves me correctly tried to do a feature show bombed out of her mind. I remember all the security guards running around the perimeter of the stage waiting to catch her if she did a header. She managed to keep herself on the blue paint for the duration of her show but, there were some close calls. The day was hot; but the girls were hotter in 07. There were lots of feature dancers in attendance including Shevelle; Taryn Wylde; Naomi Knight; Shay Lynn; Jaded Dawn; Robyn Foxx; Kloe Love and Elektra. Glen has you covered on this one!

Photos From The Saturday 2000 Nudes A Poppin Show Shot By Glenn
As more and more contestants began to arrive at the Ponderosa some as early as Friday or Saturday morning the powers to began to organize photo opportunities for the photographers who always seem to arrive early. The events are were always low key with heavy emphasis on group shots that would be all but impossible during the Sunday contest. Continental Agency always send at least a dozen and sometimes more of their best feature dancers. The group shot above has a whole bunch of them. From memory I can see Darien Vain; Exxxotica, Lexi Lamor I think Elizabeth Starr; Erica Steele; Crystal Waters; Felicia Fox and Kloie Love. For the next hour or so all the photographers devised every possible group shot and location in the park. It is always like herding cats and it is impossible to get a shot with all the girls looking at the camera. Look closely and you will see a few pee shots too. Finally the herd of dancers was corralled at the pit for a little impromptu banana eating and deep throat contest. And, then lets totally trash the contestants makeup with a wet TShirt contest. Health food and good clean fun. Yee Haw!

Photos From The 2014 Nudes A Poppin Show Shot By Ricky Rich
At the August 2000 show a redheaded feature dancer by the name of Stormy Waters showed up at Nudes-a-Poppin' for the first time. I remember that she did well in the contest and even returned a couple of more times to compete and take home more trophies. Her feature dancing career took off, and through it she met another past NAP winner by the name of Devon Michaels who introduced her to the world of porn. In short order Stormy Waters became Stormy Daniels contract star with Wicked Pictures. A celebrity porn star hostess has always been a part of NAP. I would see Stormy at the AVN show and she would tell me that she wanted to come back to NAP. Well it took two or three years of negotiations and getting a date that would work and in 2014 Stormy Daniels came back to headline NAP. This time as guest hostess. Saturday was a packed house with the fan fair all day and the Pole Dancing competition and the first round of Miss Nude Rising Star with the top 10 moving on to the Sunday Show. The Sunday shows were off the charts. Picking a winner was going to be a tough decision for the judges. Here is my short list of the best feature dancers. The redhead Justice, Naomi Knight, the Puerto Rican Princess, Kelly Johnson, and the winner was Simone Danalustrous. Naomi Knight took home the Miss Nude North America trophy. Naomi must have a separate room at home for all the NAP trophies she has won.

August 1997 Nudes A Poppin Show Photos
Can you imagine having a Grandpa as guest host of Nudes-a-Poppin'? Well if it was Grandpa Munster from the hit TV show The Munsters; then NAP had the best grandpa ever. Al Lewis was in his mid 80's when he guest hosted the show. Now some octogenarians have some problems with keeping up with the young forks, but not Al. He was mentally sharp as a tack, and he spent all day trading one liners with Ron Jeremy and anybody else on stage with him at the time. What a treat Al was. Hyapatia Lee was the guest hostess. She was the first big time porn star to be the hostess in the early years of Nudes-a-Poppin' and her appearance at the 97 show was a repeat visit. The August show was affected by continually changing weather conditions. The weather seemed to change rapidly as the sunny would change to rainy and a half hour later the sun would be out again. The girls were troopers, and as long as there wasn't lightning in the area the show went on as planned. The features I can pick out were Windy Leigh, Naomi Knight, Leah Lane, Vanessa Young, Darien Vain & Nakita Cash. And, would you know it. By trophy time the sun came out!

Sunday Contest From August 1991 Nudes A Poppin
Well I know where this set of photos went; (Gent Magazine) because I shot them. Lots of great big boobs showed up for the contest. This is from memory but here is a partial list. Maxine Monroe Gent shirt Page 6. Cindy Chimes is the dark haired Hispanic girl. Honey Mellons with the blonde hair and pointy implants. I can't remember the name of the girl with the smaller implants and the Farah Fawcett hair do. I did shoot some magazine layouts with her later. And speaking of layouts we will be posting some short 60 to 120 shot layouts of some of these girls. In the 1990's Saturday wasn't a busy day and the girls were all to happy to shoot layouts. Giving them a Gent T-shirt also went a long way towards getting cooperation!

August 1992 Nudes A Poppin Sunday Event
In 1992 the Farah Fawcett big frizzy hair was still popular and many of the girls that arrived at the Ponderosa Sun Club for the second event of the summer sported the look. There is one girl in these photos that looks like she put the full SCARED raccoon on top of her head! Check her out. The frizzy hair on top was often mirrored with full bush down below. Even guest hostess Teri Weigle sported the big hair look. Besides co-hosting the show Teri did one of her wild on stage feature shows to the delight of the crowd. The crowd also got to vote for the girl with the Best Big Breasts. The winner went home with a nice trophy and and check to go with it. The blonde girl who thought she had won it all; but didn’t, in the July 1992 contest came back to see if she could win it this time. Check out the trophy shots to find out.

August 1993 Nudes A Poppin Sunday Event
The weather was very mixed that hot Sunday. It would rain for a few minutes and then go away. It was sunny and it was dark, but the show went on unless there was lightening in the area. And it didn’t deter a huge crowd from showing up either. It must have been nation Big Boob Day as Nudes-a-Poppin’ was overrun with them. SCORE Magazine knew the boobs would show up and they sponsored a Best Big Breasts contest. This set honors those girls whom Mother Nature or their favorite plastic surgeon blessed with big ones’. If my memory serves me correct Amber Rose won the Best Breasts contest. Future porn star Amanda Addams made an appearance. She would be back the following year with a new set of boobs. A celebrity of sorts was Malika Kennison. She was the widow of comedian Sam Kinnison’s who had been killed in a car accident the year before. She showed her boobs to the audience too! By trophy time the clouds were low and it was almost dark. Mutt and Jeff won the trophies. The entertainer of the year trophy went to Little Lisa Marie is barely 5 feet tall and beauty contest winner was as tall as the 6 foot trophy. Check out the side by side shot of the winners. Little Lisa Marie also won the couples dancing contest as well.

August 1995 Festival Photos
This set leads off with Adara Michaels doing her signature show to the song "You Can Leave Your Hat On." August of 1995 was a premier show. The day was perfect and the ladies were outstanding. Joining Adara was here partner Amanda. Feature Dancer and soon to be porn star Devon Michaels competed. Billed, at the time, as the shortest feature dancer in the business; all 4' 9" of hot bodied sexiness; Unique (#91) became a crowd favorite. She was like a live little sex doll. And she didn't disappoint the crowd with a hot, wet and slightly deviant show as she chained up and then rode an audience member like a pony! The pictures don't lie. Actually August 1995 might as well be called National Hot Naked Blonde Day. Check out the photos for the rest of the blondes. Then look at the trophy photos for all the best of the best.. Eight blondes, one redhead and black haired Devon Michaels who won the 6 foot trophy.

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