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Nudes A Poppin 2009 Saturday Footage From Camera Guy Bill Part 1 Of 2
The video for this update is from Saturday which by 2009 had evolved into a separate festival. There were exhibitors from the Adult business and book stores. Some of the dancers set up their own booths to sell autographed photos, panties and such. Later in the day the action moved to the "Pit" for Sexy oil and shaving cream wrestling and simulated sex was the main attraction. Jaded Dawn served at round girl while Shay Lynn put on a great show in the oil pool. The photos seem to mirror the video with lots of shots of Shay Lynn, Dakota Skye who would win big time on Sunday. You can see some of Dakota on Page 3 along with Jaded Dawn and Naomi Knight. Lola Lynn is on page 2 second row right side. She was one of the hottest web models at the time. She shot a lot of work for me including solo and boy girl videos. She was one hot MILF. Heaven from Taste of Heaven made her one and only appearance at NAP. She brought with her a group of bachelor party dancers and they went home with arm loads of trophies. You will have to check out the updates of Sunday 2009 to see them in action.

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