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Nudes A Poppin 2001 Photos Shot By Glenn
This is the August show from 2001. Remember when pretty girls had never seen the inside of a Tattoo Parlor? Welcome to 2001 boys and girls. There were 73 girls registered for competition and almost no tattoos to be see. Just pretty girls with big smiles; great attitude and naked as the day they were born. This was also the era when Continental Agency would bring 10 or more of their best feature dancers to compete. All of these girls were established feature dancers. Several went on to become porn stars too. I will put a little (*) after their names. #1 Naomi Knight; #2 Jada DeVille; #3 Kloey Love: #4 Crystal Waters; #5 Exxxotica (*); #8 June Summers (*); #11 Logan Russell; #12 Devon Lee (*); #17 Aleka Davis; #18; Nocholette Frost; #20 Darien Ross (*); #23 Bridget Bordeaux; #25 Tasha Blades; #27 Crystal Heart; #28 Mercedes (*) as Nina Mercedes; And #31 Stormy Waters, who became Stormy Daniels (*) in the porn business. And speaking of Porn Stars, the guest hostess was a very Blonde Teri Weigel. Other notable contestants were two famous web site girls. Number 22 Sexy Anne Marie and #35 Trisha Uptown. Of course Ron Jeremy was there and so was Gene Simmons from KISS fame. I have always said that the early 2000 shows were some of the best ever for Nudes-a-Poppin. Check out this update and you will agree

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